Hydroinformatics & Flood Forecasting Circle
পানি বিজ্ঞান তথ্য ও বন্যা পূর্বাভাস সার্কেল
Bangladesh Water Development Board

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River Morphology, Hydrology

Major Activities of River Morphology and Research

  • Organize and manage the collection and preservation of raw data.
  • Supervise the cross(X)-seclions and the Bathymetric survey of major rivers in Bangladesh.
  • Monitor morphological changes in the river system of the country.
  • Supervise morphological data compilation process in the field.
  • Co-ordinate with other BWDB offices and agencies on morphological studies, research, data management and other related job.
  • Supervise the activity of the Mapping Cell and maintenance of instruments therein.
  • Preparation of survey reports of unserviceable/condemned materials, equipment etc. and their disposal.
  • Prepare comments on related reports.
  • Take necessary steps for implementation of projects included in the ADP including their monitoring.
  • Preparation of Maps using PHOCUS software by Planicomp P33 and undertake activities including field verification of BM.