Hydroinformatics & Flood Forecasting Circle
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Bangladesh Water Development Board

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Surface Water, Hydrology

Major Activities of Surface Water Hydrology

  • Supervision and technical guidance to the quality control of hydrological and climatological data collection, including preliminary processing of data.
  • Collect, standardization and improvement of surface water hydrological data (river stage, discharge, rainfall, sediment load, salinity, evaporation, temperature, sunshine hour etc.).
  • Supervision and technical guidance to all field surface water hydrologic data collection network and ensure quality control.
  • Supervise surface water hydrology benchmark survey, evaluation and other studies required by the country.
  • Supervise timely transmission of flood related data to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center.
  • Co-ordinate with other offices and agencies on hydrological and climatological study, research, data management etc.
  • Supervise capacity building in surface water hydrology.
  • Take necessary steps for implementation of projects, etc.

Data collection network includes about 215 and 128 nos. Non-tidal and Tidal water level stations respectively, 110 and 7 nos. Non-tidal and Tidal discharge measurement stations respectively, about 100 surface water salinity and 26 sediment load measurement points allover the country. Network also includes 269, 3 and 39 nos. rainfall, climatology and evaporation recording stations.