Processing and Flood Forecasting Circle
Bangladesh Water Development Board
Hydrological Online Data Collection Process has been Started From 08/02/2021

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  • a. The Ganges-Padma.


    b. The Brahmaputra-Jamuna.


    c. The Surma-Meghna.


    1. Fifty seven trans-boundary rivers: (includes the three major rivers and their tributaries and distributaries).



    2. Seven independent riversdraining Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts directly into the Bay of Bengal.



    3. Inland water bodies 9wet lands) of haor, baors and beels.





  • New Hydrological Parameter Rate has been Executed From 11/01/2021



Sarface Water, Hydrology

Major Activities of Surface Water Hydrology

  • Supervision and technical guidance to the quality control of hydrological and climatological data collection, including preliminary processing of data.
  • Collect, standardization and improvement of surface water hydrological data (river stage, discharge, rainfall, sediment load, salinity, evaporation, temperature, sunshine hour etc.).
  • Supervision and technical guidance to all field surface water hydrologic data collection network and ensure quality control.
  • Supervise surface water hydrology benchmark survey, evaluation and other studies required by the country.
  • Supervise timely transmission of flood related data to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center.
  • Co-ordinate with other offices and agencies on hydrological and climatological study, research, data management etc.
  • Supervise capacity building in surface water hydrology.
  • Take necessary steps for implementation of projects, etc.

Data collection network includes about 215 and 128 nos. Non-tidal and Tidal water level stations respectively, 110 and 7 nos. Non-tidal and Tidal discharge measurement stations respectively, about 100 surface water salinity and 26 sediment load measurement points allover the country. Network also includes 269, 3 and 39 nos. rainfall, climatology and evaporation recording stations.